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    The Bionic Woman!

    God, it has been a shockingly long time since I have done a full blog post, but Tom and I just finished watching Home Before Dark on AppleTV, that features the story of a nine year old journalist and it made me remember why I started writing my blog in the first place so I decided to get back to it! I have plans to begin a YouTube channel where I will make some short educational videos about different gynaecological cancers as well as share my story and maybe some vlog type videos too. But before I update on how we all are, I want to take a moment to…

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    The Final Cycle Update

    Here it is, the final update for primary chemotherapy that really began in early July 2018 and finished on the 4th of January 2019. Before it began I knew it would be hard but it turns out nothing prepares you for chemo. We barely began and had to stop for me to have a colostomy. From then on we rolled with the punches. Stent changes and virus’ cost me good weeks and the pain from flares was like nothing I had ever known.

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    Chemo Round 2 Update

    So, this is round 2 (or 3) depending on how you look at it. The fatigue hit me hard, as always and then as the steroids finished the pain started to kick in and oramorph was no longer helping so we moved onto fentanyl tablets which dissolve under your tongue (and actually don’t taste too bad – bonus!) which worked for a while, until the night that it didn’t and we found that we were calling out nurses every 4 hours, except for during the night when I attempted to get through on fentanyl. In the end, after tripling the dose of fentanyl to no effect, we opted for a syringe…