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    Pumpkin Carving & Half Term Round Up

    I’m a tad behind on my posts for the blog because, well… cancer. But I’m here, catching up! During half term, I took my gorgeous biggest little pumpkin carving at a local farm park with some buddies. When we arrived we walked up to the pumpkin patch where each of them picked their own pumpkins to carve.

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    A Super Special Happy Mail!

    My goodness. I am SO phenomenally lucky to have so many incredible people around me right now. I don’t want to sound like I’m overly gushing, but I feel so lucky. This Happy Mail has a bit more of a background to it. You see, the sender is a very courageous young woman whom I happened to be friends with at school. Her name is Stephie, and when I remember her at school I think of one of the bubbliest, most vivacious girls. We just sort of lost touch as everyone chose different colleges and different universities and all of a sudden there was adult life.

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    Chemo Round One Update

    So, after my initial dose of Chemo in July we were sadly forced to take a break while I had surgery for a fistula that had formed between the top of my vagina and my bowel. Yup. Bowel and vagina. I was pooping through two holes for a bit (hey, I may as well tell it like it was). Stool in the vaginal area is a huge infection risk, meaning unless I agreed to a colostomy surgery I could no longer receive chemo.  In the words of my consultant oncologist “it would be like giving you sepsis” – fair enough, I thought. “I’ll take the surgery then” I said. She…