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    This part of my life is something that is worthy of more than one insta post. It’s massive, beyond all understanding. It was entirely unexpected and triggered a whole host of wild emotions. Elation, total pure joy, disbelief, fear. Remission was unexpected. I remember being told that the cancer was incurable and asking if remission was a possibility. My oncologist told me that it wasn’t, the term remission was usually held for cancers like leukaemia, not cervical. It was then she told me that the cancer was “life shortening” (her exact words) and she progressed to give me 5 years left to live. That moment is one that will be…

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    Newbury Cancer Care Trust

    This is a little charity that is very local to me. They provide help to local cancer patients like myself. Anything from transport to and from the hospital, financial grants to help with anything that might be troubling you and two major feats of theirs include Rainbow Rooms and The Rosemary Appeal.