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    Etsy Shop Spotlight: Under The Rowan Trees

    I have spent many an hour scouring the internet for cute little journaling accessories and the like. It’s kind of my thing, I get a real thrill out of a nice journal. I love to decorate the pages and bring them to life. My Sister, Sophie, has a bit of a similar thing about journals as me too, so for Christmas it should come as no surprise we agreed on swapping journal based gifts, with me putting together a fun journal kit for her; thus you can imagine my delight when I found a little shop on Etsy who specialise in quirky stationary and crafty type bits. Huzzah! Under The…

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    Happy Mail

    These days people don’t often send things by post. It’s too slow, we can always just give someone a quick text or a call, e-mail, whatever. In fact, mostly, we just tend to get bills or online deliveries in the post. My husband will tell you, we get lots of online deliveries. But one morning I got some happy mail.

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    Planner Addict

    My husband will gladly tell you that I own too many planners and notebooks and stationary products. I will tell you I don’t own enough of these things. I LOVE a good planner/notebook. There’s just something so therapeutic about having a nice clean notebook and letting yourself go that’s a bit addictive really. I enjoy being able to lay things out on paper and really see them in a way you can’t do on a phone or a laptop. I also find if I actually write something down I am at least 50% less likely to forget to do it.