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    A New Path

    I remember being a little girl playing mummies and daddies knowing that my ultimate goal in life was to have my own family. I wanted the perfect bloke (and I did pretty well on that front, even if I do say so myself), the house, 2.4 kids, you know, the whole 9 yards. I wanted that more than anything else. I think it’s why I struggled so much when people asked me what I wanted to “do”. I loved what I studied but I always wanted to answer that question with “be a wife and a mother”. That’s why when I was diagnosed with cancer it felt like a particularly…

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    Oh Shit… I got Sepsis!

    I hope you’ll all forgive my lack of activity over the past month – especially when I tell you it’s because I got sepsis. Now, when I started chemo, this was something we were petrified I might get, yet throughout my chemo my white cells stayed good and actually, I never fell ill with anything that wasn’t chemo related. We’d just started to relax and then boom! It hit. I woke up one morning and everything seemed fine at first and then suddenly it wasn’t. My left arm was red all the way down to my wrist, it was hot and painful. Tom called our GP for advice and was…

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    A Health Update – My Stent & I.

    Since May 2018 I have had a stent in my right ureter. Not to be confused with urethra. (Quick biology lesson: ureters run from kidney to bladder. Phew, it really was quick!) My pelvic tumour was pressing on it, causing my right kidney to become every so slightly enlarged because it was having to work ever so slightly harder than it was to pump urine down to the bladder. (Hence why kidney pain can be a symptom of advanced cervical cancer) These stents are temporary and need changing every 4-6 months. My first one barely made itself known until just before it was due to be whipped out and replaced,…

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    This part of my life is something that is worthy of more than one insta post. It’s massive, beyond all understanding. It was entirely unexpected and triggered a whole host of wild emotions. Elation, total pure joy, disbelief, fear. Remission was unexpected. I remember being told that the cancer was incurable and asking if remission was a possibility. My oncologist told me that it wasn’t, the term remission was usually held for cancers like leukaemia, not cervical. It was then she told me that the cancer was “life shortening” (her exact words) and she progressed to give me 5 years left to live. That moment is one that will be…

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    My Hysterectomy Broke Me

    This isn’t the kind of post I’m used to writing. Despite trying to be honest about my experience I’ve always tried to find the positive in it too. Even in terms of having cancer itself I’ve been thankful it has given my girls a chance to really know their grandparents, that I have become more fearless in my pursuits and such. But, if I have come to learn anything in life, it is that the right path is oftentimes the harder one to walk and this completely rings true of that. This path, having cancer, is the hardest path I have ever walked and its beginning was particularly traumatic for…

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    But It’ll Never Happen to Me

    Today is a crazy day for me! My story is in three national papers currently. Little old me, thanks to this blog and my post of my pills that went utterly viral and is still being posted on to this day. I want to thank everyone who shared that post because it led to the lovely Hannah Smith finding me and going through my blog, Hannah heard my story from the beginning and was keen to help me get my story out there, and for that I am so thankful. So, thank you Hannah – if you are reading this – you are really a heroine to me. Thank you…

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    A Little Craft Project: Ribboned Notice Board

    My eldest daughter has gotten into taking photos (she got her very own camera for Christmas), putting things up in her room etc and so I decided to make her a ribboned notice board so that she could put little keepsakes up safely, but not have to worry about a four year old (and a curious 18 month old) and pins. I googled around and was shocked at the prices, and decided I would make her one myself. Like all good projects, this one began with a call to my Mum and Dad who have stored every picture frame they have ever owned only to discover they had the perfect…

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    Etsy Shop Spotlight: Under The Rowan Trees

    I have spent many an hour scouring the internet for cute little journaling accessories and the like. It’s kind of my thing, I get a real thrill out of a nice journal. I love to decorate the pages and bring them to life. My Sister, Sophie, has a bit of a similar thing about journals as me too, so for Christmas it should come as no surprise we agreed on swapping journal based gifts, with me putting together a fun journal kit for her; thus you can imagine my delight when I found a little shop on Etsy who specialise in quirky stationary and crafty type bits. Huzzah! Under The…

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    I am Ferocious

    Last night, a character on a TV show I’ve been loving said they didn’t want to sit in the chemo chair and be weak. I couldn’t help it, this totally caught my attention. Seven cycles in the chemo chair taught me many things, but it also taught me that it takes more than just guts to sit in that chair.